View of the White Drawing Room, Arlington Court, Devon, circa 1914, watercolour, by Chrissie Peters, (d.1939)

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Self-portrait Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Bru

The great women artists in our collections 

To mark International Women's Day, we present a selection of the finest and most successful professional female artists in our collections and share examples of their work on display at our places. Many defied the odds, running lucrative studios, becoming artistic innovators or outstanding exponents in their field.

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Interior view of Wightwick Manor

Introducing our remarkable collections 

We look after one of the world’s largest art and heritage collections. With more than one million objects at over 200 historic places - including over 400,000 book titles - a surprise discovery awaits you around every corner.

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Explore Kingston Lacy's historical collection

Step into Kingston Lacy in Dorset, the historic home of the Bankes family, and discover a treasure trove of art and rare objects with astonishing stories to tell. Join Dr Elena Greer, Property Curator, and Tarnya Cooper, Curation and Conservation Director, as they take you on a tour of the items the family kept in this grand house.

An adult clothes moth

Common pests at the places in our care 

Last year our staff identified and logged 56,742 insects at the places we care for. The five most common insect pests found in 2021 remain the same as those recorded in 2020 but the webbing clothes moth has knocked silverfish out of the number-one spot. Learn more about these small but destructive creatures and discover how we reduce the damage they cause to houses and collections.

Conservation in action during the winter clean

Protect the buildings and collections in our care 

We look after over 300 historic buildings and nearly one million works of art, which need constant care to maintain them. You can help protect these important buildings and collections by donating today.

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The majority of objects in our care are recorded on our National Trust Collections website. You'll find many intriguing items to explore at places near you