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Cobbled streets, rolling hills and Tudor mansions that we care for have been backdrops to countless film and TV shows. Featuring in costume dramas, fantasy worlds and fairy tales, you'll have seen stars performing dramatic scenes in many of our houses, castles and landscapes.

Lighting rigged up outside Montacute House, Somerset, during filming for the 2015 BBC adaptation of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall

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Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth filming Supernova in the Lake District

Behind the scenes of Supernova 

Supernova follows Sam and Tusker: a couple of twenty years who are dealing with the challenges of Tusker’s diagnosis with young-onset dementia. We caught up with writer and director Harry Macqueen to find out more about the experience of filming amid dramatic Lake District locations, including land we care for at Crummock Water.



Extras in historical costume on the set of Wolf Hall

Our most popular film and TV locations 

Ever wondered how your favourite places end up in films and TV dramas? Join our two filming and location managers as they share some weird and wonderful stories from behind the scenes, and reveal their favourite locations.

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Game of Thrones filming locations

HBO's Game of Thrones® is known for its warring families, dragons and dramatic landscapes - but did you know that many of the places that we care for in Northern Ireland were used as locations for the show? Discover where you can follow in the footsteps of the Starks and the Lannisters.


Poldark's filming locations

Ever wondered where the windswept cliff scenes in Poldark were filmed? Or whether you can visit the secret coves and mines of the hit BBC adaptation of Winston Graham's novels? Here's the inside knowledge on where to go and see the locations for yourself.


Behind the scenes of Belgravia

In 2016 Julian Fellowes, best known as the creator of Downton Abbey, released his historical novel Belgravia. Settings in the novel were inspired by two of the places we look after: Montacute House in Somerset and Attingham in Shropshire. Now things have come full circle as other places in our care starred in ITV's 6-part TV adaptation, which aired in spring 2020.


Downton Abbey comes to Lacock

Find out how the picturesque streets of Lacock in Wiltshire were transformed for the Downton Abbey movie, standing in for the village of Downton as it celebrates a royal visit.


Bringing Jane Austen to life

Over the years, some of the places we look after have played starring roles in TV and film adaptations of Jane Austen's novels. From Rosings to Pemberley, there are plenty to discover.


Our places in explosive BBC series Gunpowder

Over 400 years after it took place, the legendary Gunpowder Plot still looms large every November. In 2017, the BBC adapted the story for TV, and some of our places had starring roles in the series. You can also find out more about our houses which were connected to the actual plot, all those centuries ago.

Filming of The Mill at Quarry Bank

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Rugged coastlines, beautiful parks and graceful buildings. With thousands of years of history on our books, we can add character to whatever you're filming.