Junior membership

Child knelt on the floor enjoying an activity sheet at Sutton House and Breaker's Yard, London

We have a £10 junior membership to inspire the next generation of nature and heritage lovers.

Under 18s are able to explore unforgettable places and get closer to wildlife, history and culture - for just £10 a year. Whether it’s a day out with grandparents or an activity with friends, junior membership provides the opportunity for endless adventures.

You can give membership as a gift to young people under the age of 18. Or if you’re 13 or older, you can buy it for yourself. Under 5s can continue to enjoy our places for free.

The benefits of junior membership include:

  • Free entry to over 500 places in our care
  • A welcome pack to help you get the most from your membership
  • Special guides to help plan your next adventure
  • Online inspiration, tips and seasonal ideas

Please note, junior membership doesn’t include free car parking, the National Trust Handbook or the National Trust Magazine.

Buy junior membership for £10 a year

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(You must be aged 13+ years to purchase junior membership for yourself)

Junior membership pack for under 11s

Welcome pack for 0-11 years:
For primary school age children and younger.

Junior membership pack for over 11s

Welcome pack for 11-17 years:
For secondary age children and teenagers.

Your questions answered

Why have you introduced junior membership?

We want to encourage young people to care about our nature and heritage, and foster a love for conservation and the outdoors. We also want to offer a flexible membership that will support grandparents and relatives who regularly assist with child care.

What do I get as part of my junior membership?

  • A junior member card - giving free access to our places
  • A welcome pack to help you get the most out of your membership
  • Ongoing ideas on how to get outdoors and active
  • Voting at the Annual General Meeting

Junior members won’t receive free car parking, the Handbook or the National Trust Magazine.

I’m a teenager. Can I buy my own junior membership?

Yes, if you’re 13 or over you can buy your own membership. You’ll also be able to create your own My National Trust account.

Running in the walled garden at Ickworth, Suffolk
Children running in the walled garden at Ickworth, Suffolk
Running in the walled garden at Ickworth, Suffolk

Why don’t you offer the monthly payment option for junior membership?

As junior membership costs just £10, a monthly payment option would be too costly for us to administer.

How will junior membership work alongside family membership?

Junior membership may be suitable for grandparents, parents or other guardians who are over 60 and entitled to our senior concession rate, to buy for their grandchildren or children. Junior membership could also benefit life members who would like to bring children to our places.

Family membership (for one or two adults) is likely to be the best option for most parents and grandparents who aren’t eligible for our senior membership rate.

Do I need to buy a junior membership if my child is under 5?

No, children under 5 can continue to enjoy our places for free. However if your child would like their own membership card and welcome pack, you can buy them junior membership as a gift.

  • 23,000 children became National Trust junior members in 2018
  • 180 parks are looked after by us, perfect for outdoor adventures
  • £10 is all it costs for a year's worth of discovery
" We love going den-building at Erddig in Wrexham with our nana and taid. It’s so much fun that we now have our own memberships so we can go anytime."
- Meghan 14, Evie 9, Jaden 8 and Aaran 5, National Trust junior members

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