Research at the National Trust

Archaeological Survey on Lundy Island, in the Bristol Channel, Devon

Our research takes place in many forms – from the PhDs we sponsor and practical testing of new conservation techniques to the hundreds of research projects we collaborate in or host at our places each year. We're an Independent Research Organisation recognised by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), this status is only awarded to organisations with a strong ability to deliver research for the UK.

Our research interests are diverse and integrate nature and culture; while many organisations focus primarily on collections conservation, curatorial or environmental research, the National Trust spans all three.

The National Trust is keen to collaborate in or host research which benefits the heritage and natural environment sectors. Our research strategy strongly emphasises knowledge exchange and working in partnership with others for mutual benefit. With more than five million members and millions of visitors each year, we also have the potential to generate significant research impact.

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Children look at the view from the big stones on Back Tor, Edale, Derbyshire

Working with the University of Exeter 

We'll be joining forces with the University of Exeter in a new national partnership to help protect the natural world. The joint research initiative will explore how both organisations can best respond and adapt to environmental and cultural change, support wildlife renewal and improve wellbeing through nature.

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Addressing our stories of colonialism and historic slavery 

The National Trust cares for places and collections on behalf of the nation, and many have direct and indirect links to colonialism and historic slavery. We're addressing these histories and their cultural significance and have published our report into these links.

Some of our case studies

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While we're passionate about open spaces and historic places, we're working hard in other areas too. With your help, we're caring for the environment, food and farming, green energy and transport, and heritage.