Visiting and booking information

Visitor walking in the Orchard in May at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

Here you'll find everything you need to know about what to expect from your visit and whether you need to book.

Visiting information

You no longer need to pre-book your visit to many places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For some places where booking has been introduced for guided tours, or to manage visitor numbers for other reasons (such as ferry capacity), booking is still required. 

The safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff remains our top priority. We'll continue to provide hand sanitiser and stick to our high standards of cleanliness. In England and Northern Ireland, wearing a face covering is a personal choice, although they are recommended in crowded and enclosed places. In Wales, face coverings are required in shops and on all public transport, including visitor transport at our places such as shuttle buses, unless you're exempt.

Please check the property webpage for opening times and facilities information.

Places you need to book 

Find out which places you still need to book in advance, and learn how you can join one of our new guided tour experiences.

Caring for these places of beauty takes hard work, and with your ongoing support, we’ll be able to continue to conserve the parks and countryside, gardens and historical spaces that we all love. Over the last 125 years, your generosity has helped to protect 780 miles of coastline, thousands of listed buildings and over 200 gardens. It's thanks to your membership and donations that we're able to look after these historical and natural havens for everyone to enjoy for ever.

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